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I played guitar for the Rock-N-Roll group "The Biscaynes." We played from L.A. to Frisco, all of the central coast and the Valley. Played with "The Impacts" for a period with Martin Brown, Jack and Steve Metz, Johnny Oliver, and Bill Schofield. I moved to Oklahoma in 1964 and graduated at Fox H.S. in Fox, Ok. Played lead guitar for "Jay Walker & The Pedestrains" throughout the mid-west for KOMA radio station. I've writen songs with Loretta Lynn's song writers. Now live near Johny Barbada from San Luis Obispo who played with the "Sentinals" "Crosy, Stills, Nash, & Young," "The Turtles," and "Jefferson Airplane/Starship." He is also an "Okie" now living in Ada. Oklahoma. Great memories of my years at Arroyo Grande, and the carefree years of youth playing rock-n-roll music in California.
Posted: 02/11/2010

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